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CME in the spotlight


Between the 25th and the 30th of November 2018, within the framework of a Belgian economic mission in Marocco, the North Africain country welcomed HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium, Representative of His Majesty King Philippe. She was accompanied by a delegation composed of 5 federal and regional ministers and more than 400 Belgian economic operators.


HRH and her fellowship visited Belgian companies based in Morocco, including the Compagnie Marocaine des Energies (CME), the Moroccan subsidiary of the Belgian Windvision Group.


On the 27th of November, a reception was organised by CME and Windvision in the honour of HRH and her fellowship, They were welcomed by Mr. Simon Neerinckx, CEO of Windvision, Mr. Leon Vankan, CFO of Windvision and Mr. Hassan Nadir, General Manager of CME.


We, CME and Windvision, were proud to demonstrate our fruitful Belgian-Marrocan collaboration and some 150 guests (partners, clients, elected officials, authorities and representatives of the civil society of the Safi region) discovered during the event the flagship project of CME Safi.

The Safi project consists of 58 turbines of 3.5 MW for a total of 200 MW and contributes to the goal of Morocco to reach 2.000 MW of wind energy by 2020. Its annual production will cover the electricity needs of 1.4 million inhabitants and avoid the emission of 650,000 tonnes of CO2. It represents an investment estimated at more than 280 million Euro.


Together with the municipalities, associations and various departments of the Prefecture of Safi, CME has drawn up an ambitious economic and social development programaround three axes :

• Strengthen social infrastructure and help improve social services.

• Promote the local economy to improve the living conditions of the population.

• Encourage the qualification of human capital and social animation through empowerment, sport, culture and leisure.


Herefore our windfarm project represents a major opportunity for the Safi region.


CME has also mobilised the Belgian Development Cooperation, in particular the APEFE Wallonia-Brussels, which is associated with this ambitious social program, in particular on the aspects of training, support and female entrepreneurship in the region. of the project. During the event, CME and APEFE signed a framework partnership agreement with HRH during this event.


Besides the Safi project, CME developped since 2011 a significant portofolio of wind, solar and hydro projects in Marroco. The most advanced project in development is the one located inTetouan, with another 150 MW of wind energy.







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