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« Les Géantes du Samson » in Gesves and Ohey: wind farm in operation


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Construction wind park Gesves/Ohey finished


Since September 2018, the giants of Samson turn over the landscape of Gesves and Ohey. The six SWT 3.2 turbines were put into service in November 2018.

Project features:
Number: 6 wind turbines
Rated power: 3.2 MW
Estimated annual production in MWh: 45,000
Total height: 150 meters
Rotor diameter: 113 meters

Since the average electricity consumption of a Belgian household is 3500 KWh/year, the Gesves-Ohey wind farm will produce the equivalent of the annual needs of 12,000 households, or the equivalent of the combined population of the villages of Gesves, Ohey, Assesse and Havelange, the total population of a city like Andenne or Gembloux, or a quarter of the population of a city like Namur and a fiftieth of the population of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The construction of the park in motion at the following link via the website of the local association Electrons Libres!



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