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Public meeting wind park Mons-Estinnes


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« Les Géantes du Samson » in Gesves and Ohey: wind farm in operation


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Construction wind park Gesves/Ohey finished


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Our main goal is to respond to the most important challenge of today’s world – growing energy demand. In all our endeavors, we make sure to include key stakeholders – local institutions, communities and broader public in order to ensure support for each and every project we develop.



We base all our activities on a long-term and sustainable methodology – we try to foresee the future energy demand while making sure that the environment is preserved for generations to come.


We believe this could be achieved through the main three factors:

  • * The social factor (each stakeholder of the project should be in favour of the wind park)
  • * The economic factor (the project is profitable for WindVision and every other stakeholder: Commune, civilians, farmers, banks,…)
  • * The environmental factor (the project has a positive influence on the environment and our planet without endangering any local fauna or flora)