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« Les Géantes du Samson » in Gesves and Ohey: wind farm in operation


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« Les Géantes du Samson » in Gesves and Ohey: wind farm in operation


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Characteristics of the park


Number: 6 wind turbines

Nominal production: 3.2 MW

Estimated annual production at 45,000 MWh

Total height: 150 meters

Rotor diameter: 113 meters


The wind farm "Les Géantes du Samson" is composed of 6 Siemens wind turbines with each a nominal power of 3.2 MW. This park is located in the municipalities of Gesves (3 wind turbines) and Ohey (3 wind turbines).


The average electricity consumption of a Belgian household is 3500 kWh per year, the Gesves-Ohey wind farm will produce the equivalent of the annual needs of 12,000 households, equivalent to the cumulative population of the villages of Gesves, Ohey, Assesse and Havelange, the total population of a city like Andenne or Gembloux. Thus 20,000 tons of CO2 will be avoided annually which is the equivalent to the emission of about 10,000 cars.


Citizen participation


Electrons Libres, an association encouraging the use of renewable energies has joined forces with two cooperatives: "Energie 2030" and "Clean Power Europe".


Information on citizen participation is available on the website.




A school project and a didactic walk


This summer, 6 didactic panels will be placed next to the road of the community wind turbine and will give further information about: the origin of wind, the functioning of a wind turbine, the history of wind energy, the construction of a wind park, renewable energies, etc.


This project is led by 5 schools of the entities of Gesves and Ohey, as well as the municipality of Assesse. Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 are preparing to finalize this energetic project.


Soon you’ll be able to walk on the road of the "educational wind turbines" for a didactic ride in a rural and green environment in the towns of Gesves and Ohey.


Agro-environmental measures


In order to improve and guarantee an existing ecological network close to the wind farm, the following developments have been implemented in the town of Ohey.


  • Development of extensive meadows and grassed headlands according to well defined specifications.
  • Installation of 1200 meters of hedges: most on grassy bench, offers perfect ecological corridors to the local fauna.
  • The revitalization of the pools in favor of the Crested Newt. This rare species in Wallonia and present in this Condroz area due, in particular, the presence of many ponds.

We thank our partners, local farmers, for carrying out these agri-environmental measures with the help of an expert office, Fauna & Biotope.





Operational service


A word on the operations department that is responsible for the proper functioning of the wind farm.


A multidisciplinary team composed of technicians and engineers who have for main tasks:


  • Monitoring of electricity production
  • Contacts with local residents, municipalities and regional authorities
  • The coordination of the subcontractors in charge, the site maintenance and the maintenance of the wind turbines
  • Monitoring the compliance of the terms and conditions of the permit


The manager of the wind farm « Géants du Samson is Samuel Deback.

Such. +32 474 77 50 34

E-mail: operations@windvision.com


You can contact them to report any incident or anomaly.





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