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Réunion d'information préalable parc éolien Walcourt


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Public meeting wind park Mons-Estinnes


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« Les Géantes du Samson » in Gesves and Ohey: wind farm in operation


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Market Outlook

The European Union is set to achieve its self-imposed target of deriving at least 20 per cent of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. The target is part of the EU’s so-called 20-20-20 strategy, which also foresees a 20 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels and a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency, all by 2020.

"Renewables will become the energy marketplace of the future - and that translates into exciting investment opportunities today."


WindVision situates itself in a booming market. Conventional energy sources are becoming depleted and world leaders more and more realize the importance of carbon dioxide reduction. The European 20-20-20 targets are an example of the world’s ambitions to move towards the production of renewable energy.

Wind energy is expected to contribute a substantial share of the renewable energy production due to the maturity of its technology and its price competitiveness compared to other renewable energy sources.



"Renewables offer private investors potential for attractive returns, and those who act quickly have a shot at gaining a front-runner position."