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« Les Géantes du Samson » in Gesves and Ohey: wind farm in operation


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Construction wind park Gesves/Ohey finished


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CME in the spotlight


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Our strategy is focused on generating sustainable energy resources through development of high-tech and efficient wind energy solutions. We form strong partnerships with our clients and customers, as well as with local communities. In this way we contribute to the overall development and support economic growth of rural areas. We invest in these areas while making sure that our strategic goals are in line with the needs of local communities. 

"Where other developers stop, we are driven to continuously search for innovative solutions to make the impossible possible."


While developing a wind park our main strategy relies on excellent communication with all key stakeholders in all stages of the process.



WindVision’s strategic goal is to increase the use of renewable energy in order to leave a better world for our future generations. In order to achieve this goal we have created a profitable, healthy, growing, socially committed portfolio of projects in renewable energy.