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Welcome to WindVision!


WindVision is operating in a fast growing market. Its unique combination of in-house knowledge, experience and speed enable the company to leap into major opportunities in the booming green energy market. In a few years the company has grown from a wind developer to an independent renewable energy supplier with great potential. Being a flexible independent player, with knowledge of every step in the chain of renewable energy projects, the company is perfectly suited to embrace highly innovative challenges.

Due to the leading role in all steps of the project value chain, WindVision has become a unique all-round player in the development of high-quality green energy projects.

Because of its small and independent team, combined with the entrepreneurial mind-set of its founders, WindVision is able to quickly leap into new opportunities. It is the combination of expertise, flexibility and the “can-do” mentality that makes WindVision an excellent partner in realising ambitious green energy projects.

Communication is the key feature of WindVision’s development approach of a wind park. Local governments, stakeholders and the commune are involved in an early stage of the projects to ensure a widely carried energy solution.




Our stratery is focused on generating sustainable energy resource through development on high-tech and efficient wind energy solutions. We form strong partnerships with our clients and costumers, as well as with local communities.




We are the proud developer of The Estinnes Wind Farm - project that houses the largest onshore wind turbines in the world. Working in partnership with the turbine manufacturer Enercon, we placed 11 turbines in the grasslands of Wallon region, Belgium.




Our main goal is to respond to the most important challenge of today's world - growing energy demand. In all our endeavors, we make sure to include key stakeholders - local institutions, communities and broadcaster public in order to ensure support for each and every project we develop.

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