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French national tender procedure: two of our projects selected!

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Windvision is proud to announce that the Mont de Quatre Faux (226MW) and Petit Pressigny (36MW) wind farm projects have been selected as part of the seventh round of national tenders conducted by the French Government.

These projects are respectively the first and third largest projects in terms of power generation capacity, and together account for more than half of the capacity awarded in this latest round of the tender.


The Mont de Quatre Faux wind farm project, developed by Windvision and EDF Renouvelables, is located 40km north of Reims and covers an area of approximately 5,000 hectares in 7 communes (Bignicourt, Cauroy, Hauviné, Juniville, La Neuville-en-Tourne-à-Fuy, Mont-Saint-Remy and Ville-sur-Retourne). With a capacity of 226MW, it will supply approximately 250,000 inhabitants with green electricity. It is the largest wind farm project in France!


The benefits of the wind farm are significant and will result in an investment of 250 million euros, the creation of dozens of local jobs, economic and fiscal benefits for the region and a further step towards the ecological transition.


The Petit Pressigny wind farm project is located in Southern Touraine, in a department where no wind turbines have yet been installed. With its 8 wind turbines for a total capacity of 36MW, the project will be able to satisfy the electricity consumption of around 35,000 households.

This project is the result of continuous exchanges with local entities. Together with them we decided on the size, number and layout of the turbines.



At Windvision, we believe that a continuous and transparent dialogue with all parties involved is the key to the success of our projects and the company.


These two projects allow us to continue our development in France and are a great example of the recognition of our expertise and dedication to making tomorrow's energy greener, today.