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Solar Energy

Do not let our name fool you. Thanks to our experts, we also have a great knowledge in solar energy!

Together, we go through the entire value chain and turn your idle surfaces into a completed project.

We study the energy potential and we design the optimal installation by synchronizing the local energy production and your consumption. We finance, construct and monitor the energy facilities, leaving you completely carefree and with a smaller, greener energy bill to pay. 


Solar-as-a-Service – The simplest way to produce your own solar energy


No own capital investment (third party investment)


Save costs on your electricity bill


Reduce your carbon footprint


Greater energy independence


After a certain period of time you become owner of the installation without any cost

For each project, we provide a tailor made solution rather than one technology. We, for example, look into combining wind with solar energy or we look into the possibility of installing charging points for electrical vehicles.


Do you want to know more about our solar services? We are always happy to answer your questions, feel free to contact us