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Power: 81 MW
State of the project:  In operation
Estinnes construction

Windpark Estinnes

This wind park was the first to be installed by Windvision and the first of its kind worldwide.

It features 11 Enercon E-126 wind turbines. 10 turbines have a nominal power rating of 7.5 MW and 1 has a nominal power rating of 6 MW. This results in a total installed capacity of 81 MW.

It was the first worldwide installation of this turbine type.

The wind farm produces 170.000 MWh, representing the power requirements (excluding heating) of nearly 48.500 households.

It took a ‘can-do’ mindset from both Windvision as well as Enercon, the manufacturer of the wind turbines, to install such a windfarm.


Windvision fully developed, constructed and operated the windpark until December 2016, the year in which the windfarm was sold.