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Gesves Ohey

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Power: 19,2 MW
State of the project:  In operation

Construction of the Windfarm

Video credit: Electrons Libres

Windvision is proud to generate wind energy in the municipalities of Gesves and Ohey in Belgium. The wind farm "Les Géantes du Samson" is composed of six Siemens Gamesa wind turbines with each a nominal power of 3,2 MW.

Gesves early morning

Citizen participation

Local financial participation in the project was encouraged in an early stage of the project by “Electrons Libres”, an association supporting the use of renewable energies. Electrons Libres joined forces with two cooperatives: "Energie 2030" and "Clean Power Europe". Together they bought one of the six wind turbines.

didactic panel 1

A school project and a didactic walk

Five schools of the entities of Gesves, Ohey and Assesse designed six didactic panels.

The students of grades 4, 5 and 6 inaugurated those during the spring of 2019. The goal of the panel is to give visitors more information about the origin of wind, the functioning of a wind turbine, the history of wind energy, the construction of a wind park, renewable energies, etc.You can admire the panels if you take a walk alongside the community-owned wind turbine situated in the entity of Gesves.

Operational service

A multidisciplinary team composed of technicians and engineers are currently in charge of:

- Monitoring the electricity production

- Contacts with local residents, municipalities and regional authorities

- Maintenance of the wind turbines and park


The manager of the wind farm « Géants du Samson” is Samuel Deback (E-mail:

You can always contact him to report any incident or anomaly.